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About US

The first  grocery store, was opened in 1916 in  by, an inventor and entrepreneurPrior to this innovation, grocery stores operated "over the counter," with customers asking a grocer to retrieve items from inventory. Saunders' invention allowed a much smaller number of clerks to service the customers, proving successful (according to a 1929 issue of ) "partly because of its novelty, partly because neat packages and large advertising appropriations have made retail grocery selling almost an automatic procedure."

Nature Of Business

supermarkets, in the American sense, cannot replace the neighbourhood grocer's shop. However, "Metro" shops have been appearing in town and city centres in many countries, leading to the decline of independent smaller shops. Large out-of-town and

Our Specilaity

 Innovation Awards and several patents. Electronic Specialties Inc. has specialized in the engine testing field since 1967. 2017 is our 50th year in business.